But our needs and desires are always evolving

And we want to consume you

Devour every bit of your talent

Welcome to corporate America

Take your seat

First of all,

We want to let you know

We appreciate you

You will be an asset

To our growing team of industry

Pay no mind to the construction

We are building ca.. Cubicles

For you are now a part of a team.. Our team

So settle into your seat

We want you to feel empowered

To grow beyond these walls

But stay in your seat

Remain focused

Please don’t put up any pictures on your cubicles

We don’t want you to be distracted

We don’t want you to remember freedom

Stop watching the clock

For your time is our time

We expect you to be an ambassador for our products

On and off the clock

The best advertising is free advertising

And we expect you to give up everything

So we can plaster our company logo across your chest

Have you thought about your brand?

How do you plan to sell yourself..  Back to us

To prove you are worth something

You see we own you now

Stay in your seat

We are building these cages for your own good

Your own good

Is to keep on task

Don’t ask questions

Just accept these walls

We read somewhere the latest work environment is a tomb

We empower you to do exactly what we say

Us corporations are individuals

And we want to let you know

We appreciate you

Enough to strip away your identity

Pluck away the vowels of your name

And make you a number

What is your brand?

You need to keep us interested in you

Don’t rattle your cages

Stay seated, keep focused

Let us break your back

Break you down

To keystrokes and metrics

Us corporations are individuals

And you are company assets now

We want to empower you

By taking away your choices

Your job will be what we say it is

So just do it

I know we told you the job would be one thing

What is your brand?

Have you thought about just tattooing our company motto

Across your chest?

Stay in your seat and stop rattling your cages

And whatever you do

Don’t climb up and over the walls

For you are a company asset now

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