May 2013

May 2013

Memorial day weekend

It was warm with promises of sun

Beautiful blue skies

And no cloud in sight

Seattle prepared for crowds

People swarming the Center

For folk music, food

Laughter and smiles shining bright

My leg, a bright red

I woke up

Burning hot with red seeping up my leg

Pain swarmed my back

Tears gathering

In corners of my eyes

As I was admitted

To the emergency room

Greeted with morphine, leaving me in a haze

Pot induced haze

Lingering around the fountain

Families occupied the edge

Children running in and out

Collecting droplets of water

Along with sunburns

While groups of friends

Gathering in drum circles

Slow rhythmic thumping could be heard for miles

My son’s heartbeat

Thumped in my ears

I watched the fear

As he focused on the antibiotic drips

Invading my body

The days in clipped moments

Passing in and out

With each wave of fever

And the doctors

Tattooed my leg with sharpie

Artwork was only one thing

Found in the vendor alley

People flooded the booths

Snatching up

Brightly colored creations

As they headed to find

Dance troupes, bollywood

Inspired activities

With stomping feet, swaying arms

They placed the central line

Into my right arm

My body had clogged each IV

the doctors warned me

If the redness started

To show patterns of serrating

Then they would have to take my leg

Diazepam had me slurring out

I am fine, I am fine

Memorial Day

A time of remembrance

Services to be held

Events to commemorate

All the fallen

From a concert at Museum of Flight

To baseball game with Seattle Mariners

To appreciate, appreciate

It took ten days

For me to be released

May 2013, Memorial Day weekend

I would always remember

As the beginning

Of my growing struggle

With gradual loss of mobility

I am fine, I am fine

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