Young Love

I found you

Dog-eared in the back

Of a cardboard box, shoved

In the corner, folded up

A photograph-you are smiling

And on the back, your name

Scribbled haphazardly

I could taste the whiskey of our kisses

As I said your name out loud

A broken ghost

I could see the city lights at night

In your eyes, and if I closed mine

I could hear your laughter

Shattering memories

Blurred crowds, and bar scenes

We danced at every Depeche Mode song

And I remember the first time

I had said I love you

To be young, in love

Chasing after night skies

As if we could bring down the moon

You had taught me so much

About myself

Tracing each crease, I find your ghost

But in the end, I had been the one

That didn’t show up

And that date

Breaks my heart

Until it thuds to the ground

Guilt is like that

Weighing down thoughts

I should have been there

To catch you

One last time

But in the end, I had been the one

That didn’t show up

I still shiver when the phone rings

Keep saving your last voicemail

Over and over

It breaks my heart

But guilt is like that

Because at the end, I should have been there

Instead of a ghost 

at the end of unanswered text messages

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