Out of Sight

41, and my life

Has been out of sight

Gathering up the memories

Tidbits of trivia, i have collected

On the bottom of ticket stubs and receipts

Chasing after sentences, thoughts

And I remember, I remember


My teen years

Uncomfortable in my skin

Speckled in black, daydreams

And language of sad poems,

Caustic ghosts, my home life

Built on inadequacy, and the frame of my body

Wanted to burn away, escape in puffs of ash, smoke

Until I was out of sight

And I remember, I remember


My twenties

Nervous, shaking these hands

And my voice, gathered in words

Dripping, running down my arms

A pack of wolves, howling and snapping

Scars collected on my soul from wildfires of youth

Self destruction croons a soft lullaby

And I recall each of their names

As they whisper softly out of sight

And I remember, I remember


My thirties

Exploding into neon lights

Found myself tucked within shadows and loud music

And in the daylight, my son

Held my hand, and all the roles

Clattered against my hip, loose keys

To parts of me, locked doors

Opening them one by one

And finding all of me

I had hidden out of sight

And I remember, I remember


All of my life, 41 years

Preparing to toast

Another year

Out of sight

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