As 2020 tumbled forward

Down hills of hornets and nuclear fires

Through waves of pandemics

And she teetered for a moment

Swaying back and forth

Between carefully folded lies

Someone had spiked her drink, now she struggled

Falling back, her voice

Caught upon regressive point of views

She wanted to cry

When she found her name on a mailing list

For every request to take away her rights

2020 isolated herself

Lost in nonstop Zoom meetings

Depression make-up and quarantine haircut later

She curled up on the floor

News, a constant stream of reminders

Of political idiocy and fanatical disrespect

And only interrupted

To discuss the swarms of locust

Or the possible UFO sighting

And 2020 wondered when the National Enquirer

Became a recognized news source

She watched the world collapsing around her

The rubble piling up, and caking her skin

Through the mist, she saw the light

Slow burning, rows of candles


A rumbling roar, and 2020 smiled

When she heard the roar

The unity approaching to the beat

Of the new year countdown clock to 2021

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