Liner Notes Poem: Battleground

I recently participated in a local poetry group called Rain City Slam, and their event called Liner Notes.  They take an album and each poet that participates is assigned a song.  The album chosen this time was Taylor Swift’s “Lover” and the song I got was “The Archer.”  Enjoy.



My body has become scarred

With all the wars fought in the name of love

And my hands are always ready for combat

In case they see through me

And they all do, eventually

Trace my vulnerability with precision

Peel back my skin, exposing my rib cage

Cracking me open, to steal pieces of my heart

Cruelty always wins over and over

Each relationship plays in my head

Creating a marathon of poorly written movies

And I have a hundred speeches prepared

For each romance, a sparring match of wits

Leaving me with clenched fists

And telling my heart I told you so

And I have a hundred excuses waiting

For the graveyard of red flags I chose to ignore

Dating is a war zone

And my body is always crossing into enemy territory

Combat, I am always ready for combat

When we first meet to draw up the terms of our treaty

Their name rests upon my tongue

Each letter causes a fight or flight response, but I freeze

Spilling out every fractured fairy tale with incomplete sentences

Ticking each memory upon their skin

And how could I expect them to stay

When I only perfected my battle cry over the language of love

They see through me, they always do

And I have a hundred reasons on why I should retreat

But sometimes it is hard, not to want to play the predator

When you have been the prey for many years

Combat, I am always ready for combat

Peel back my skin, exposing my rib cage

So they could see my restless heart dance, flicker

Burning, scathing my words

And I am on the defensive from the beginning 

Learning how to build walls and not doors

They see through me, they see through me

I see through me, I always do, eventually

Help me to learn, help me to learn to hold

Help me to hold on to you

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