April PAD Day 26-Back Space

we are reaching the end.. back space

teeter backwards, if you remain this brash… back space

your words will only cut… back space

not heal… back space

I really wanted to tell you how much… back space

I miss your smile, but people change… back space

and not for the better, sometimes you break… back space

we were both broken you see and that is why… back space

I can’t stop whispering your name before bed… back space

I should have never said I loved you… back space

I should have never answered the first phone call… back space

I should have not given you my number… back space

I wish I hadn’t seen you across the room… back space

you always knew how to hurt me without saying a single word… back space

Now, the pain is the fact you won’t say goodbye… back space

why won’t you say goodbye… back space

you always made me the villain in your stories… back space

and I never asked why, why you hated me so much… back space

yet you told me you loved me whenever it rains… back space

the rain was our home… back space

my heart always stormed when you were angry… back space

Remember the time, you got so angry you broke the picture of us… back space

it was my favorite one from our first date… back space

we were standing on a random corner in the city, strangers… back space

just wandering around town, and you told me that one story… back space

about when you almost drown as a child… back space

you didn’t swim for months until your brother pushed you… back space

and suddenly, you just knew… back space

I understand that story now… back space

I just know, our bodies have said goodbye… back space

we are just ghosts, haunting each other… back space

we have reached the end, so maybe it is time to delete

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