April PAD Day 23-Briefcase Routine

routine, on the train

to work, to work, to work

robotic, we clamor

stumbling along the stairs

hands gripping a briefcase

we all have the same briefcase

a uniform, well pressed and polished

routine, in a line

at work, at work, at work

robotic, in a line

we find ourselves in cubicles

small boxes in rows

we all have the same small box

an uniform, very economical and ordinary

routine, in a shift

in work, in work, in work

robotic, we are sedated

pulling it from our briefcases

the haze covers our faces and forms a smile

we all have the same smile

an uniform, well groomed and worn

routine, this life

from work, from work, from work

robotic, we assemble in lines

a life created within small boxes

we all have lives defined by boxes

an uniform, this sedation

we all carry in our briefcases

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