April PAD Day 1-Waiting

Happy National Poetry Month and thus begins the journey of one poem of day… which also serves as the starting up of another year of crazy and bad poetry on my blog.


Prompt: Waiting




She waits

In the dark


Until the ache

Makes her quiver

My threadbare heart

Shakes, teeters

Waiting for her beats

To stop sounding 

So much like every goodbye

Her ghosts whisper as they  exit

My tiny heart

A kaleidoscope of cracks

Splashing the ceiling

With traces of light


She waits

In the dark


Until the fear

Makes her cower

My threadbare heart

Rattles, cracks

Waiting for the words

I love you

To stop weighing 

On her tongue

Like a cage

Twisting and molding

Into a trap, sharp toothed

Snapping at the heels

Of ghosts fading 

Faster and faster

My tiny heart

A map of stitches

Criss crossing

Until can trace each story


She waits

In the dark

Reaching out

My threadbare heart

Waiting and waiting

To be asked to stay

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