RC2019-Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore

Another Teen Thing-Read a coming of age book

So I found this book on Independent Bookstore day, and the author was a local author, and I hopped on this book. It sounded interesting. It focuses on five girls and their experience being lost in the wilderness, and how this taught them about themselves. It sounds interesting and Lord of the Flies-ish but with girls. It didn’t get that though, but kind of a bait and switch experience. It does discuss this incident, but it is a broken into flashes between excerpts of the girls as woman. This incident supposedly molded them as the woman they became, but I didn’t get that. It was disjointed and even though an interesting read; I felt it was incomplete. One of the girls’ perspectives was told by her sister, which was just an odd choice, becuase even though you see how cold and resilient the girl had become as she got older, but it wasn’t surprising. The backstory for the character was a broken family with an flaky and selfish mother, whom had them bounce households and shelters throughout the girls’ childhoods. Sometimes, even abandoning them… and so it wasn’t surprising the girl was generally unpleasant and cold. Another girl was basically a footnote; even though the incident was told through her eyes. I was very disappointed in the end. I will probably read the other book the author has out, because the interesting plot, but if it plays like this book did, then I probably won’t give this author another shot. Again this is my point of view and my thoughts.


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