Ode to My Curves

As with Sam Sax’s poetry book, I did a poem in response to his collection.  I finished Olivia Gatwood’s New American Best Friend and I did my own ode in response to the odes in that book. Enjoy!



My body lives in waves
and what I am saying
is I am an ocean
with every bend of my hip
and swell of my stomach

I have been told
if I lose weight
I would be so much prettier
so much healthier
so much

Loose lips, strangers
hand out advice
so casually

For, as a woman
I should want to be
easy to grab at
easier to hold

I should be transparent
linear, so I can slip in and out
a magazine, fingertips devour
flipping me open

I need to be rigid
they say
yet, I enjoy the fluid
swaying, thundering
crashing against the edges

Disapproving glares, strangers
move away
as if they will drown
in my curves

They argue, medical attention
to fold myself over and over
push into the perfect shape of a bottle
to press against their mouths
so they can drink me up

But, you can’t bottle waves
and I prefer to be the ocean

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