RC2018-Children of Blood and Bone


A book from a celebrity book club

Let me squeeze in one more book for 2018.  I finished the book Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, but just forgot to post a quick review before the ball dropped.  So here it is… READ IT!  Action packed from cover to cover and deals with many issues including discrimination and oppression.  Some parts did get overwhelming for me, but overall the book is worth and those overwhelming parts are meant to push boundaries and educate.  To get the gist, the story centers around Zelie and her brother Tzain.  They are from one of the many former maji users, which had their magic stripped after a rebellion.  This resulted in maji users to be discriminated and labelled maggots.  They are treated as second class citizens and treated as criminals.  The story starts with their journey to just trade some fish for some coin, but gets changed when she helps a girl named Amari, whom just happens to be the princess of Orisha, but holds a scroll that could help magic be restored to the kingdom.  And the story begins… with escape and on the run with a mission.  A must read book full of action, fight scenes, and characters exploring themselves.. and most of all change.


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