Poetic Response to Sam Sax’s Collection of Poems

So there were several entries titled Bestiary, and I really enjoyed those group of poems.  I decided to do my own two entries of personal demons.  Enjoy!


he plucked me by strands/stuffing himself full/of me/he perched over me/pulling me up and up/crucified on his smile/he tied me up to his expectations/picking at my seams/I thought it was the ravens/I needed to watch for/but his teeth were sharp/eyes hollow/I became nothing more/than a dummy on a stick


licking his lips/he split me open/lapping at my innocence/until I spill over the edge/a girl/is the perfect portion/smacking tongue/how slowly/he peels me apart/shredding all the sugar and spice/and there is nothing nice/from monstrous hands/picking bones clean

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