The Junk Drawer

I rummage through my junk drawer untangling loose seconds and minutes and my schedule is filling up and I need to learn need to learn to just           stop

So I am trying to find time or maybe pieces of myself because I feel lost feel lost and every hobby every project I am not just painting writing or putting together art but                         myself

Jangling, my bones jangle as I walk and I know every word is just a discarded penny I found I found and collect every one dropping in my mental junk drawer and       now

I own a collection of loose change and I want to spend every syllable but there is no time no time so scraping scratching pulling at the walls          and

Frantic everything is frantic and my blood hums hands sinking within the junk drawer every second is fleeting fleeting are thoughts pennies clanging upon my tongue                       just

Grappling to find myself in this drawer the junk drawer layering myself in pieces becoming collage of jagged edges seconds and loose changes knowing I need to        breathe

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