Lingering upon questions keeps me awake these words are awake and I am restless like my speech of run-on sentences you ask me to be vulnerable and I tell you to spell it and use it properly in a sentence and you are you are shocked that I would question your words but I am quick or my tongue is quick to remind you that many of your words have several definitions and you sit there thinking thinking thinking I linger upon your eyes shifting back and forth

Defining me in blinks and scans I linger upon these questions before your mouth wakes up again and tries to call me to attention and I whisper show me how to be vulnerable and you crumble at that moment like a run-on sentence scrambling are you are you finding the other meaning yet and fingers running a marathon through the dictionary quick my tongue is quick and I ask is this being vulnerable falling apart and open to be picked clean

Thinking thinking thinking you are falling apart searching for definitions and these words keep me awake I gather you up like misplaced words and punctuation shaking and stirring and I hold you as you try to find your words finding only run-on requests and sentences optional and I whisper listen listen listen for the silence is not weakness nor fear and you start pulling yourself back into an outline and this is vulnerable

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