God Bless the Bizarre

They come in like a patchwork of crazy, chaos and mess
grab a hold of the day and shakes it loose
and we all scramble, scatter
as the rainbow chases us around
laughing and telling us to loosen up
the bizarre are a clever folk
earthbound angels and fairies
that all misplaced their wings
and now they turn the world upside down
in hopes to shake them loose
and that is where we find ourselves
ground kissed ass and bruised up elbows
but we keep opening the door
letting them take over
so we can follow these whirlwinds
as they pull away the routine
splashing a little color on the walls
then leaving before the job is done
tripping over ourselves
as we find how easy it is for them
to bend time into a spectrum of light
and twist the mundane into a sparkling disco ball
and we want to learn to dance
so we can sing their songs
God bless the bizarre
they blissful freaks and troublesome pixies
the artists that can find the beauty
in a world of ordinary

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