My Skeletons

Skeletons are too noisy
for the closet
clattering teeth, clamoring bones
they seem to stumble all around
never quite grasping the balance
of their dancing heads and walking feet
you see they huddle close to me
follow me to the movies
tuck themselves into my bed
and I have named each of them
as if my secrets need more power
I keep them alive, paperweights
to hold down my words
and their long slender fingers, keys
opening all those hidden doors
you tell me I am a castle
with every emotion a mysterious room
and you trace
the line of my body to the curve of my words
to find the way in
and my skeletons see you, linking hands
clicking together, snapping
crushing themselves into the perfect door
and they wait, my skeletons
for you to find the right key
and let yourself in

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