Bettie Page

Never really
Was the girl
Next door

And I took her home
A painting of Ms. Page
Spray painted
On to a gray backdrop
And a bright red heart
Bleeding in the corner
A perfect smile
Posed stencil
And a phrase
That grabbed my wrist
And took me on a trip

For I
Never was
The girl

You found in the magazines
Glossed over
Neatly pressed
With stenciled smile
And a gaze that never
Really went anywhere
I found myself in the shadows
Layered in gray
Words pressed against my palms
Bright red bleeding out poetry

Never was
The girl

To ask for you
To accept me
Bending around thumbs
Sass in each step
A stare that captured
Every word
Muttered until I danced
With gray and red
Twirling in loops
And I stood with a grin
With heart shaped lips

I never was
Girl next


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