30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 11-10 Things I Would Tell My 20-Something Self, or Confessions of a Near 40 Year Old

Day 11- Write a list poem.

1. You will have days that night keeps crashing in to you; even when the sun is shining. You will be okay. You will learn to twist the sky and create a horizon you can walk upon. You will keep breathing.

2. You will smile for all the wrong people. I don’t really have a lesson for you, but remember the curve of your smile and don’t let them feed off the curve as if your pink lips are watermelon slices and don’t let them spit out your worth like seeds. You will keep breathing.

3. Your home will be where your hands rest and not your feet. What I am saying, is that your hands tend to shake and take flight, so follow them. What I am actually saying, is you will never feel at home anywhere and don’t be afraid. You are a nomad meant to move around. You will keep breathing.

4. Opportunities will be pennies you find on the street. You need to polish each one and admire every scratch, then put it in your pocket. So I am telling you, keep those moments special and tucked in your front pocket. You will keep breathing.

5. You will learn the name of the monsters under the bed. In fact, you will invite them through the front door majority of the time. You are stronger than the curve of their teeth and sharpness of their claws. You will keep breathing.

6. You will rewrite yourself so many times that you may start to forget a part of yourself. Remember to keep all the rough drafts so you can fall back into the loose scribbles and dance along the choppy sentences. You are not meant to be smooth, but a jagged mess. You will keep breathing.

7. You will find love in the small eyes of the one person that will be a part of you. He will become everything and the term mother will be the greatest achievement you care to remember. You will keep breathing.

8. The people you care about the most will exit your life one by one, and not all with a graceful bow. Each will be harsh snapping mouths chewing on your heart, and their names will be the sound of slamming doors. You will keep breathing.

9. You will feel ordinary most of the time, and this is okay. It is exhausting to be the unicorn all the time, so enjoy the moments you are the shadow and not in the spotlight. You will keep breathing.

10. You will keep breathing.


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