He told me he was crying
For he had become static
Hissing, crackling
On the other end of the phone

I had to tell him
I was surprised
For at that point, I was pretty sure
He lacked everything including a spine

He had been hurt and the static was interrupted
With his protests of mortality, the humanity of his heart
So with a sorry not sorry, I stopped his mouth
And when his voice returned to static, I hung up

There was no return call from him
As if his fingers had forgotten the curve of my heart
And I knew this was true
For the past month, he had forgotten I existed

He had deleted the sound of my voice
Erased away my perfections and replaced them with flaws
Disregarded a connection and months of hellos
Replaced them online flirtations, he didn’t even hide

And, I cried and cried
So the tears found the cracks in my heart
Soothed my sadness, until my heart snapped in rage
I sprouted teeth with my words and claws in my convictions

My heart growled shut
And I became feral
Bitch, scratching at his door
For he had forgotten the lullaby of my heart beat, the undertone of my fears

I had to remind him of the syllables of my name
The strength I held in my hand
The death goddess he had mistaken for a hapless princess
The fact I had walked on water before he had cried out my name

I howled at his door
I demanded an explanation
For how it was so easy he had forgotten
Every part of me that I opened up for him to see

And when he only gave me static
I told him I was surprised
He even knew what a heartbeat was
That he even had dreamed of being a man

And when he gave me used car salesman tears
I didn’t buy them, and didn’t want to even explore the additional options
I wasn’t interested in twisting the lies
I couldn’t ride passenger to his avoidance one more day

So I hung up,
And that was when relief showed up
Slipped its hand into mine
And unwound his name from my tongue

And I realized, he would always be second rate
A used car with an expiring warranty
He would never be a full man
With any conviction or a heart


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