30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 7-Placemats

Day 7- Write about every place in your life that you’ve thought of as home. (Try to avoid only talking about your houses.)

Everything started in a small town
A single road ran through the middle
It was speckled with a gas station, a diner, and a grocery store
A simple backdrop that could be found
In any great American movie
Surround by trees and I got lost among pinecones
Listened to my voice echo hello

Trees smoothed and opened up to fields
And it was a new small town
More churches than residents
I found religion in hikes to the nearby lake
Sneaking out at night with my friends
To find ourselves hanging out at school
Even when the lights were out

Suddenly the trees disappeared
And rolling hills of yellow appeared
Lived in a tower, and watched
As lightning storms crackled
Splitting open the sky
The crowds became forests
And I found myself lost in books

Books shelved, and roommates
Took over the routine
First jobs and seven mile drives to work
Clicking the time clock
And I kidnapped my best friend
Spent days pretending
To be so much bigger than the world

The world landed on my front step
As concrete and traffic
Moved to the other side of the state
And hills replaced by people
Swarming around each other
Tucked myself into a single room
As roommates and routines
Took on another zip code

Soon, I moved up to the top of a hill
And took the world on alone
My own place, settled in nicely
Welcomed a son as roommates exited
Life had begun to shift and change
The days brought laughter
Tickling of tiny hands and feet

New job welcomed a new location
Moved up the road by fifteen miles
Traded two bedrooms for one
And home became smaller but larger with love
A curio shop of memories
And I am proudly the odd little shopkeeper


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