Weekly Theme 2-The Aftermath

So I recently have seen two of my favorite authors speak, Neil Gaiman and Elizabeth Gilbert. Gaiman was asked about writer’s block, and he stated, if I remember straight, that he didn’t believe in it. Basically, it was just an excuse and a way to glamorize not writing. If you can’t write about one thing, then write about something else. Now Elizabeth Gilbert, she had talked about ideas and inspiration showing up; being little spirits that you need to listen to and nourish so they can become something bigger. Now that being said, you still have to exert some authority and set boundaries and routine to listen to them, and not every idea is a good one… as she put it, she makes her ideas bring her a proposal. I know this may sound silly but it makes sense.
So what does this have to do with my new weekly theme… well I typically write about Spring, but well that season may have to wait another week or another year. Aftermath had been nagging me since I started the blog up again. Then she started to pound at my door, until she let herself in and sat at the foot of my bed and said it is time. So lets start this blog off a little grittier.
Aftermath is something that results or follows from an event, especially one of a disastrous or unfortunate nature; consequence. I can tell you she dresses in a business suit and has a very harsh look, but I digress. So I am going to write about the aftermath of certain things for me personally.. may it be the aftermath of the break up phone call, ending a friendship, leaving work, turning 30, hell even the aftermath of sex. For each of these experiences, even though we share the ideas and experiences; they are unique to each of us. We don’t all feel the same thing at the same time.


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