1. Scot., Irish, and North England. to wander aimlessly.
2. to saunter; stroll.

Stravaged through the city
Stumbling over neon signs and traffic lights
The skyscrapers loomed
And their shadows stretched over me
Criss-crossing over my body
Trapped within the city life
The crowd stormed the sidewalks
Pushing and shoving me along
And I drifted in the ocean of cellphones and full schedules
Shipwrecked in front a deserted building
And I recognized it
From a few years prior
Spent the night dancing and laughing
Ebbing and flowing within in outlines
Memories boarded up and listed for demolition
For another glass building stretching up to the sun
Another wall to the skyscraper jail
Looking up at the open sky
Knowing I would miss the sun
Once the city ate it


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