Cold Season

The first sneeze
Fires off in the office
And conversations stops
We quickly turn our gazes
To the source
And the warfare has become
Panic ensues as we scramble
To distance ourselves
Into a different zip code
Downing vitamin C as if it is oxygen
And strapping supplements to our sides
And suddenly we all start eating healthy
Trying to combat the growing infestation
People with a slightly green tinge
Grayish skin and circles so heavy under their eyes
We contemplate which planet
They need to return to
And the sneezing only multiples
Spreading across the cubicles
To the tone of a horror film
Dunna… dunna… dunna
And you are trying to hide
As your neighbor’s speech slurs
From congestion and sinus pressure
Until you feel it creeping, breathing
At the back of your neck
And you know flu season has started


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