Grief and Pain

There is a tingling feeling in my stomach rumbling and shivering my arms and hands for I feel it hovering my depression lingering outside my window a classmate, a friend constantly banging on the window the door to see if I can come out and play today

The tears hit me suddenly as a memory collides into my heart and all I can think of is him I wish I could talk to him laugh with him a gaping hole inside me swallowing me up leaving me silent unable to speak and my grief holds my hand again

Pain is pinpricks along my back chasing along my arms and legs I stare down swinging legs back and forth gaze falls into my body overflowing into curves and stretch marks and I crave to be embraced but the thought of another person touching me sends fear scrambling over my nerves

My ravens are here in a black and white background I am pressed against the wall with doubt pinning me off the ground sometimes it is all that hold me together this doubt this pain this grief tiny stitches stretching and twisting me until I make my own perfect voodoo doll


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