Weight Loss

I learned I lost weight today each breath lighter and every step with a skip realizing I had started to shed every word you placed upon my back weighed down until I hunched and the pain creeped up my legs settling in my hips where you rested your hands for several years along with the cruel curve of your mouth hissing in my ear

Every pound gone was another memory that fell to the floor clamoring for attention with a racket that almost sounded like you saying my name and I noticed a smile had started to stretch across my face as the pain in my lower back started to fade and every pound disappearing an outline of your ghost that had taken residency in my aspirations

Stepping away for I learned I had lost a few pounds today laughing and knew you no longer knocked on my door and made yourself at home in my mind but you had been evicted with the lies, the pain, and the weight of the words you rested upon my back as if I had been built to carry all your issues and harbor the insecurities of your ghost I lost today

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