My Devil

Tall, wrapped in shadows
Eyes burning blue
Hair with red stripes
Pulled back away from face
So to catch the half smirk
The intense glare as she watched
My devil took over the room
Snapping fingers, grace she slid
Along the room
Her tongue crackled, voice electric
And her sentences static
Clinging in the air
Leering forward, she perched
Eyeing everyone, the outlines
Swarming, tangling
Knotting around her fingers
Eyes filling with laughter
She handed you riddles
For your insecurities
And watched as the outlines
Spun around around
Dancing in her open hands
Snapped her fingers closed, fists
Clenching tightly
So everyone squirmed
For she, my devil
Controlling, whispered into my ear
Fingertips tickling my spine
As I felt the slow burn of anger
Rumbling inside
Consequences were secondary
To the ruthlessness of her touch
Every thought hammered against the floor
Merciless, she crouched
Stalking over my soul
Her breath hummed against it, vibrated
My rib cage, and I could hear her
Licking her lips, grating teeth along back
Lustful, my devil
Devouring power, others, control
And me
Slowly, very slowly every day


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