Black and white lace

And sunlight slowly bleeds through

Creeping down the wall

With spider legs

Then skittering under the bed

Morning comes quietly

On the weekend

Cautiously shining its light

On the remnants of broken hearts and body parts

The morning after

When magic is no longer recalled

And sobriety, the perfect alarm

To move people

When lost in sea of sloppy hands and half whispers

It is tart upon the tongue

Feel it slowly creep down the throat

Being absorbed into the body

It tugs from the inside

Digging in nails and its hiss

Rests upon lips

A solemn kiss eating at words

Leaving silence

Aching upon open hands

Legs bending under the weight

Of disappointment

Coiling within until dream

An escape

Is an internal map of steps

Intricate ladder of what ifs

Daydreams create doors

Claw to open

As room slowly fills

With apathy and dissatisfaction


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