July Challenge-Photo A Day (Where You Sleep)


So my picture is going to be a little different, I won’t be displaying my bed with its typical tangled blankets and flatten pillows. Nor, will I show some exotic bed I slept on during a vacation or some outside view from a camping trip. I am providing a pic of my CPAP machine, because this has been my recent sleeping accessory and probably one of the most important. About a year or so ago, I started having issues staying awake. I found myself having to stop and take naps when driving or trying to keep myself awake with pinching, music, etc. I felt tired all the time.. outside of normal and found I had to take 5-hr energies all the time to just function. Eventually, the issue came to head and scared me enough to start seeking medical attention. Eventually, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and this machine helps me function every day.



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