35th (Inspired by Journey)

Workin’ hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin’ anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
–Journey-Don’t Stop Believin’

Early morning finds you
Sweat covering you and stumbling off the dance floor
Onto the sidewalk, grabbing for the moon
Men fill glasses and you find yourself thirsty
At one or two in the morning
Gambling with a hello, your body
Takes residence in a new home for one night
New rules, newer roles
Keeping score and the hash marks tally up
As the sun peeks over the horizon
Night is a perfect time to forget
Home, life and yourself
And you find you have forgotten your name this summer
Not the heartbreak, and you keep pretending
The dance floor tilts left and right
So you sway to find balance, to find even ground
As the drinks keep stumbling over your mouth
And your body becomes a road map of pit stops


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