Screaming Silence (Inspired by the Broods)

I don’t want to wake up lonely
I don’t want to just be fine
I don’t want to keep on hoping
Forget what I have in mind
–Mother & Father by Broods

The days funnel through keyholes
And the keys are broken
Littering my feet and the silence
Cracks my ears, open
So the sound of my voice is a scream
Taking all my strength, I smile
Pretending I don’t hear it
This screaming silence
I wake up in the morning and wonder
If I can escape this pattern
Criss-crossing my skin in light and shadows
I trace myself a path, a different view
And now I need to learn how to swim
Through crowds, I search
For someone who hears the scream
Rattling my throat
Until I cough up sentences
Scratching at the door
Sometimes, I reach up and touch the knob
Wondering if I twist it and free the door
Will my voice flood the world
Or will the world overflow me


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