I Am Not Flawless (inspired by Beth Hart)

I ain’t that bad I’m just messed up
I ain’t that sad but I’m sad enough

Cause I wanna love I wanna live
I don’t know much about it I never did
I don’t know what to do
Can the damage be undone
I swore to God I’d never be what I’ve become
–Leave the Light On by Beth Hart

My flaws control my hands
Until they shake
My intentions gather half sentences
For I stall midway in every thought
Sweat settles at my temple
And I know you see my cracks
We pretend for a moment, I am flawless
So I can smile at you
I want to tell you my history, but settle
On only exposing my favorite color
My flaws jingle in my ear
And I shake my head, until they chime
So I am almost singing
Or shivering
Our past is more than a shadow
But another guest at the table
Asking for seconds at dinner
When the table has been cleared from breakfast
And you ask me
About this crack running along my body
So if I shift to the right, you can see
My heart beating, the twisting of my gears
Fingers, my fingers run along the jagged edges
I whisper this is my beginning
The first broken promise, tearing me apart
The moment, I am no longer flawless
But another sad girl with a damaged heart


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