Sour (Inspired by Andy Black)

We don’t have to talk
We don’t have to dance
We don’t have to smile
We don’t have to make friends
It’s so nice to meet you,
Let’s never meet again
We Don’t Have To Dance-Andy Black

Your name acrid upon my tongue
Blistering are the goodbyes, everlasting
The days gather around us, a crowd
Outlines and shadows hovering
And I wish you could disappear
A ghost drifting away
Until you are nothing more than a film of dust
I can wipe away
We don’t have to be friends
In fact I would prefer you never spoke to me again
Keep yourself on the outskirts of my life
And these goodbyes fester upon my skin
The image of you glaring, shifting within my gaze
Welts, each breath lashes at me
And we are strangers once again
In opposing corners, eyeing each other
If I could forget you, delete your hands from touching
Every curve, memorizing the feeling of you close
And every promise stings, but I am no longer able to cry
I will not dance for your presence nor will I pretend
You haven’t scarred me, these cracks
Scrambling up my body and I feel I am breaking apart
With this break up, and your name sours more and more
Fading into outlines, shadows
You hover too close to me at times, leaving me unable to forget


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