Curling up around a flashlight
Trading gossip and scary stories
The laughter was infectious
And we all were contagious
The loud blare of our favorite songs
And the occasional raiding of the kitchen
Waiting for the parents to fall asleep
So we could sneak out and walk the streets
Late, late at night
Feeling brave
But quickly hiding when we saw headlights
To be reckless, fearless
To feel like you owned the world
Meeting at the school, we would run around the playground
Chasing our shadows, our words
We had a freedom that today could be almost extinct
We didn’t worry about the boogeyman or the wolves
For we were invincible
The days had slipped away, but not the attitude
Walking the streets of the city late at night
That laughter still chimed in my ears
And the daring girl of my youth
Kept pace with the grown women I had become


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