NYR Reading Challenge-Tori Amos: Piece by Piece by Tori Amos and Ann Powers


2016 Reading Challenge-A book you’ve been meaning to read

Tori Amos: Piece by Piece by Tori Amos and Ann Powers

Okay, so life got a little crazy and this book took me longer to finish than normal. With that being said, this book was for the inner fangirl in me. Tori Amos is one of my inspirational muses. I was introduced to her music in college and fell in love with the sound and her lyrics. Her songs were poetic to me and my poet instantly wanted to be in her world. I have been fortunate enough to have seen her a variety of times, and she is one of the few artists that I completely let go when listening to her music. So enough of the fan dribble, and let me get into the book.

Piece by Piece discussed Tori’s life up to The Beekeeper album. The book discussed her childhood and musical beginnings, and challenges with the church through her starting in the music business and the trials in the music machine through her miscarriages and the blessing of motherhood. She examined her life in goddess archetypes she followed or adopted in different phases of her life from the Marys to Venus to Quan Yin. The book explored these roles in her life and how they framed her thinking at those moments. Tori is a very spiritual and magical soul, and I enjoyed following her on this journey. The book included various interviews with Tori, family and friends in regards to certain events or ways of the road. She also examined and discussed songs in each chapter providing some insight in her inspirations and messages.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I found it very surprising I had chosen another book that examined a spiritual part or inspirational process, so maybe my muses are speaking to me. The book made me think about archetypes I have played with or accepted in my life. I have always had an interest with mythology and the goddesses. I have always been drawn to Artemis and her independent and fierce spirit, and can’t help but think she has been active in life. I also think Bast has had a place in my life with my mischievous and playful side. I also can’t help but think Venus, Minerva, Nyx, the Morrigan, Maeve and Lilith have a spot at my spiritual table as well.

So what are your archetypes?


Next book is I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest


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