Caught Myself

Caught Myself
A few stops down
I was staggering around
Mumbling that I was okay
I struggled
With Myself
Flailing around, I scratched
Help into my arm
For a moment, we stared
Blinking it each other
Then Myself whispered

I know
I disappointed you again

I wiped the tears from Myself
And told her

It would be alright

She shook her head
And Myself cried

I will only do it again
I will only run away again
Shut down and not listen

And I told Myself

I know, but I will always be here
Keeping the porchlight on
I know you need to escape
I know it gets overwhelming
But I am here, waiting

I pulled Myself close, and we cried
Knowing if I wasn’t here for Myself
Then I knew no one would


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