Lost in the rain
and the drops try to guide me
streaking along the windshield
a map trying to get me to turn
around and go home
I agree, but my fingers
itch to explore
my feet cry out for movement
and here I am
driving with raindrops pelting my car
heading to a park
long-deserted after the rain started to attack
The swings sway slowly squeaking out annoyance
I stand at the edge of the playground
searching for my ghost
it is absent today leaving me
standing awkward observing the skeletal remains
of childhood’s afternoon play
The rain finds my bones
shaking, trembling are my hands
my thoughts are lost within the rustling of leaves
the wind calls my name
and I for a moment know what it is like to disappear
to be an outline
slowly fading into the background
my color running down to my feet
until I am pale, I am blank
staring at this empty playground
wondering where my dreams are hiding
and if my ghost will ever whisper my name


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