Here We Go (May Challenge 24-26)

24. Your favorite move and what’s it about.

I really enjoy the movie Memento. You take a guy that has short term memory loss and add in a dead wife and manhunt for an attacker that hurt the protagonist and murdered his wife. Sounds basic… a pretty simple plot, but when you run the events of the movie from ending to the beginning… essentially running the movie in reverse, then things get interesting. You are able to see how events come together and how each event comes together. Then throw in flashbacks, which are in black and white, then you have peaked interest and a new spin to a thriller. Guy Pearce is the star of this movie with Carrie Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano.

25. Someone who fascinates you and why.

I am currently finishing up a book on Tori Amos (and yes I will review it on this blog), but I find her a fascinating person. Her music is poetry to me and I am always curious on the journey she underwent to find this creation. I find I tend to interpret some of her songs differently than she initially intended, but I think that is just the charm of her music. I find her quirkiness intriguing and overall think of her as a musical goddess.

26. What kind of person attracts you?

Good question. I am currently at a point of my life that I am really not interested in dating and frankly don’t have time to do so. Overall, I would like to be with someone that is a friend and I share some common interests with. I don’t expect to spend 24/7 with someone because I enjoy my space. This being said… he would have to have friends. I want to meet someone that enjoys going out and isn’t just a couch potato or controller freak. They have to be intelligent and prefer a mainly positive attitude with a touch of sarcasm. Dishonesty is a major don’t, and so is expecting me to toss my son aside for him. My son will always be number one.


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