Skyscraper (National Poetry Month Challenge 29)

Write a poem about a skyscraper. Now, rewrite the poem with the last line being your first.
I wrote a poem about skycrapers, and reversed the order of the lines, because that is how I read the challenge, and it didn’t turn out half bad.

With arms open preparing to fly
Untouchable, teetering along the edge
At the top you are in a sea of blue
A constellation within a swarming city
You are level with the sky
Dancing with your shadow among the clouds
Floor floating in walls of windows and mirrors
Chase after the memories to the top
And stained glass windows
Molding themselves into building numbers
You can see ghosts
Physical embodiment of the times
A piece of history in Seattle
Every skyscraper tells a story
All meeting at a point at the top
My eyes trace the angles
And I tilt my head back
Harsh edges meet curves
Stretching up up up


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