Here We Go (May Challenge 21-22)


21. One of your favorite shows.

Currently after many years of a strong fear of zombies, I have started watching The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. But… everyone is talking about them.. I am also a big Game of Thrones fan… again a lot of hype and fan fanatics. Doctor Who… yeah timey wimey fun. I think I will actually talk about Orphan Black. It is currently on its fourth season so still a new and fresh, but still a strong contender to the previous shows I mentioned. Okay, so what if you realized you had a clone of yourself? Wait! Make it like eight or so. Then you find out all have been monitored; well except you because you are the exception to the equation. That your clones are all a part of experiment. Now add in a few more organizations, and they all want to kidnap or kill you, including the one that is monitoring you. Oh did I mention you took over the life of one of your clones and you have a daughter and militant foster mom… no! Oh and the foster bro that has his own antics and specialties… That being said. Watch it! I find the series full of suspense, adrenaline, angst, and OMG. One of the few I will binge watch at times, and frankly want to add to my physical library. Tatiana Maslany is the actress that plays all the clones. Often having to share scenes with multiple clones at a time. She is awesome and kicks butt. She successfully portrays each sister with their own personality and has been known to improvise a character or two. She is also an awesome singer. Definitely award worthy acting. I should mention Jordan Gavaris who plays the foster bro, Felix. He also is a fabulous actor, and his character definitely steals the scene time to time. Check this show, the inner nerd will thank you later for it.

22. How have you changed in the past two years?
I think the biggest change is I am happier now than a few years ago. Still fresh out of bad relationship and bad friendships, I was still haunted by the toxic relationships. I feel I recognize my self-worth more than before and won’t tolerate being stepped on. I allowed myself to be used more in relationships, but now I can walk away from those situations. My health is a bigger concern from losing weight to my cellulitis to sleep apnea. It is all front and centered and no longer can be ignored. I feel I am exploring more and enjoying life more. I am more willing to try new things and as a result found some new hobbies like geocaching. More focused on my writing. This is a no-brainer, but I definitely found writing a part of my daily ritual and ideas easier to obtain. My son is taller, but a handful like always.


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