Here We Go (May Challenge 18-20)


18. Your beliefs.

I am not a religious person. I never really cared for organized religion. Overall, I am about respect and manners. You don’t have to like everyone but you don’t need to troll or belittle them. If I really don’t get along with someone, then I just don’t get too involved with the person and when I do, then I am respectful and polite. Some people might consider that being fake, but personally I think it is just giving someone basic respect. I believe in loyalty among friends and family. Friendships are sacred and should be treated with some value. Karma is alive and well and enjoys tripping everyone every once in a while. Currently, I am working on a little more humility and better listening ears, because you need both in the close friendships.

19. Disrespecting your parents.

This is a little controversial for me. You should respect your elders on principle, but at the same time this isn’t a pass to treat kids like garbage. I think a lot of issues are result of communication breakdowns, and attitudes. Kids today are going through things that parents of today may not grasp fully or going through problems that their parents haven’t gone through, and that lack of listening and empathy could lead to apathy and dismissal by children. By all means, don’t think I won’t put my kiddo in check if he doesn’t show the proper respect, but I will listen to him and watch his behavior because it may be the result of a different problem.

20. How important you think education is.

Look at the world today and the current events. I feel it shows the results of the lack of education and promoting ignorance in today’s culture. We choose to put our time into selfies, cat videos, and celebrity gossip instead of focusing on the problems in our nation and the world. I think this is a result in a spoon-fed education model and encouraging people to trust blindly. How important is education? If we as a nation were truly involved and educated, then I feel our political parties wouldn’t be what they are today and we wouldn’t be left feeling like we have to flip a coin. We have parties that are willing to strip away rights our forefathers and past heroes have fought so hard for because the media and today’s youth have spun to be negative or “not trendy.” If the youth had properly been educated, then they may have a better understanding on these rights instead of assuming they had always been entitled to them.


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