Katy (National Poetry Month Challenge 26)

Write a poem to your future self, but do not say it is to your future self, address the poem to a
president or rockstar.

So Katy
Remember that one guy
You spent a year on
And you frankly lost your head with
But that was what guys did
They threw your emotions in a blender
Then shook you up
But, think of all the words, the writing
Everything you created from the rubble
Each guy set you on fire
As if you were their own personal Rome
Trying to recreate you, mold you
Into someone else
Reducing you into a puppet, a cardboard cut-out
They posed in front of their friends and explained
That someone needed to save you from you
And you know what Katy
For a moment you believed it, we all did
Slipping on the role like shoes
Rubber soled boots to trudge through the relationship
We did over and over again, and in the end
We wondered what we did wrong
And never wondered who was the arsonist
That burned down our hearts


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