Here We Go (May Challenge 16-17)


Your views on mainstream music.

so here is the skinny on this topic for me, I do enjoy listening to mainstream bands and some I have found myself really big fans of. And at times, I will fork over money to see live. Now that being said, I enjoy the music but sometimes I get very exhausted with it. The sounds become the same, the messages are the same (if any), and the bands start looking all the same. It makes me hit Pandora and randomly search out new blood/talent to indulge. Not to sound outdated or just plain old, I remember when music still had a messages and expressed opinions that could be construed as controversial. I think today music has gotten lost in catchy beats, memorable tagline lyrics, and the almighty dollar. So if you get the chance to support local artists or artists not in the limelight, do it! I find more interesting music in dive bars than on billboard radio.

Your highs and lows of this past year.

So if I go 5/22/2015-5/23/2016, I think some of my highs have been getting my son into a new school and his diagnosis of Autism. Both have helped him make strides and have helped him grow. For me, it is more superficial things like getting to go to Vegas, seeing the K-pop band BIGBANG, and being able to explore more. As for low points, my son having to finish his third grade year in a school that is obviously lacking is so much from good teachers to curriculum. Personally, another trip to the hospital wasn’t fun nor an experience I enjoy, but I have a chronic condition that means that is a constant issue. The juggling at my job and ongoing stress. Overall my health has been a challenge this year, which resulted in me also getting a CPAP machine for my severe sleep apnea. Overall there was more positive in the year than bad, and I am very thankful for that.


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