Here We Go (May Challenge 12)


Bullet your whole day

Sunday May 15
• Wake up
• Prepared breakfast for my son
• Got my son ready for church
• Got ready for the gym
• Dropped son off to family’s house for church
• Headed to gym
• Worked out
• Went home
• Showered
• Washed dishes
• Cleaned kitchen
• Cleaned C-Pap machine
• Prepped lunch
• Son returns
• We have lunch
• Chores for both of us
• Worked on writing
• Headed to Walmart
• Got groceries
• Stopped at Office Depot
• Harassed a friend and got help with office stuffs
• Grabbed fast food for dinner
• Headed home
• Had dinner
• Took son to family for a few hours
• Headed to the Link Light Rail
• Caught train to Capitol Hill station
• Walked to Barboza
• Watched Javier Colon
• Talked with him briefly then headed out
• Walked back to the train station
• Caught train back to Tukwila Light Rail station
• Left the train
• Picked up son
• Headed home
• Tucked him
• Got ready for bed
• Prepared for Monday and sleep


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