Courtesy of Spring (National Poetry Month Challenge 16)

Make a list of ten images of things you have seen in the last 24 hours. Use all of them in a poem.

Cotton from the cottonwood trees
Floating in the air like fresh snow
Creating cotton drifts along the street
Spring returns, carrying all her fiction
Upon her sleeves, and with a wave of her hand
Trees drip golden flowers
And skyscrapers burn with the light of the sunset
She shifts the world and our views
With a few renovations, redecorating the landscape
Redressing the windows, shifting our gaze
Letting out the fantasy and science fiction alike
Soon chrome covered space age mannequins
Invade the city storefronts
And at night, we stop with the world colliding into us
For Spring attacks with easy on the eye attractions
Light dangles from the teeth of a dragon chandelier
And the city becomes your looking glass
Falling into daydreams of swinging high above the city
Like the girl you see in the banners dangling from nearby lampposts
Everything becomes overwhelming as the clock chimes midnight
And the realization the only way home
Is to follow the flashing of a hotel placard
The flashing blue and green creating a brick road home
You leave Spring leering outside a bar
Picking at a half empty balloon pressed against an air vent
And in the morning, fresh scratch marks on your arms
To mark another hangover courtesy of Spring


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