As The World Drowned (National Poetry Month Challenge 14)

Think of the nicest thing someone ever said to you. Write a poem about a rainy day and something
flooding. End the poem with the good thing someone said.

The rain hadn’t stopped
It spilled over the edges
Until it overflowed into the city
I watched the water, rising and rising
My view became murky
And I looked for my submerged sailor
Or sunken treasure
With its lid continuously flopping up and down
Sending up bubbles to signal there were survivors
And I waited and waited
The rain didn’t stop
Poured from the sky until I started singing sea shanties
And the rain was my background dancer
Tapping upon the roof and sliding down the windows
Glittering and glistening, until the shadows of raindrops
Collected upon my skin
Memories, the rain reminded me
Of when I was told I could command a room with only my voice
I recited each poem and my words held the attention of the room
And as the world drowned
I remembered the moment the thunder hidden in my voice


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