Light Fractures

it is a gloomy day and rather monotonous, which has left me in a rather somber mood. it will pick up once I am done for the day.

The light became fractures through the clouds
I wanted to be home
The wind slammed against me
Leaving me unable to speak
I wanted to pull down the light
Weave each strand around me until it covered me
Head to toe
The gray days rarely left this place
And in the monotone I am caught
Repeating over and over
The day had almost ended
But, it was caught on repeat
Tumbling through the clouds
Until doubt became a thunderstorm
And sadness bolted from above
Snapping at my heels
I found it hard to smile sometimes
When the day remained the same shade
Never breaking, never-changing
Seized in a routine, where I was only a hostage
And the glimmers of light
Were a promise for an escape
That I clung to every day


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