Bus Stop

A stray bottle cap
Skipping along the pavement
Flick of the fingers
A snap, a yes
Humble nod then look away
For don’t really want to see
The shadow looming close
It has a smile
And a stare
With hands running along my body
Even if ten feet away
Feel pulled apart
As if he plucked every part me
Tearing each petal of me being
From my skeleton
Then throwing it away
I can hear each part clamor to the ground
Then skip along the pavement
He figures he is being cute
He figures I am weak
For all the big girls lack self-esteem
I hate I had to hide my hands
And then had to lie
Pulling up an invisible husband as a wall
So he would keep his invasion
With a half-lidded stare and sneer
Ten feet away from me
At the bus stop


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