Brick City

Snap the city together

Layer bricks upon bricks

So the buildings fill the sky

Competing with the sun

Paint them multiple colors

So the city kids can claim

They see a rainbow every day

Restructure the roads

Build over homes

Take over the hillsides

Piling more and more bricks

Until the view sways with the buildings

People overflowing

And the sidewalks look like rivers

Of bodies pushing and moving against and with each other

Makes it almost impossible to breathe

With all those gaping mouths

Shouting into cellphones and slurping down coffee

Remove parking lots

And snap together a few more buildings

Tally up the dollar signs

Profit off the lack of space around

With smaller and smaller apartments

Stacking more and more

Until the sky topples over

Leaving us to stare up at layers of walls and flickering lights

Instead of sky full of stars


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