Central Cinemas

A red light
And I was the ordinary one
Watching interesting people
With bright colored hair
And freshly pressed fashions
File into the theater
Wedged into a suburbia landscape
I arrived at nine
To watch the duke
Before he had died
In a movie an ex-ghost had recommended
The past had a home here
As I studied the list of future movies
Dated back to the eighties and nineties
Cult classics and low budget gems
All shown in Technicolor
Like the hair of most of the people
Waiting in the lobby
For the movie to begin
And I was monochrome
In the splash of color background
A tourist
In this theater
With a red light
Signaling the abstract
To come in and warm its hands
This cold January night
I drew in another breath
Capturing a little bit of life
Deep into my lungs
Until the uniqueness and stimulating buzzed
In my ears
And inspiration roared in my veins
So my mind ran wild
Tearing at strands of the intangible
Tucking them in my back pocket
As I made my way
To my seat
Knowing I had some inspiration
To serve with a side of all-nighter
When I got home


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